It all started with a gift from my girlfriend on my birthday. She loves buying accessories taking them apart and creating new unique ones just for herself. She knows I like men’s accessories and complain at the lack of choice we have compared to women. So, for our third anniversary on my birthday she handed me a box containing a white suede bowtie with peacock feathers. It was so unique,  and quite  possibly the best designed bowtie I had ever seen, trust me I know my bowties and have an extensive collection.I loved my bowtie so much, that I waited for the perfect place to wear it in style. Lucky for me I was invited to my friends wedding  in Monaco,  where I of course decided to wear it. That night my bowtie was a instant hit, every one loved the design and asked where I purchased it from, I was not expecting such a huge level of  interest. Of course I gave credit to my girlfriend for making it specially for me.

I thought if people liked it so much we can actually create a very unique bowtie and have our own collection, which is something we always dreamed of. Didn’t take too long to convince my girlfriend, so we sat down talked about it and decided to go ahead and make a collection. We had no idea where to begin and what to do. She started designing bowties and i researching. We took each step at a time and spent hours detailing and planning so everything would be perfect.

We had trouble finding a suitable brand name for our bowtie. One day while surfing the net I came across a picture of Einstein taken with a few other Professors at Harvard in front of a blackboard all wearing bowties. As soon as I this, I thought look at these Genius men wearing bowties, they are smart and elegant, and there aren’t many people like them left in the world. Then a “lightbulb” appeared on the top of my head. “GENIUSBOWTIE”  was to be our brand name.

It was important for us to feature these genius men in our products, so we created and named each bowtie with a story and relevance to the most influential genius men in world history. We wanted to get across the colors, feathers, concept and field of work  to depict  individual geniuses. So, here we are after a years worth of hard work, with a collection of genius bowties that we are proud of. We hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we did creating them. We have a few more new ideas coming soon, lets see where that takes us…To be continued…..

How we make our GeniusBowtie

GENIUSBOWTIE is a hand crafted unique bowtie made with assorted natural bird feathers, designed to change the traditional way we look at bowties. All of our bowties are individually hand-crafted. From the making of beech tree (betula pendula) wooden box at our workshop, to the bowtie and placing of the naturally selected feathers. We take great care and pride in our craft. Each time we aspire to create and design unique bowties with a soul and story. We love fashion accessories and enjoyed creating  this collection, and hope you enjoy wearing them.

How we obtain our feathers

We can assure you that no birds have been harmed in the making of our GeniusBowties. We obtains all feathers from cruelty free bird feather farms from around  the world, making the process completely sustainable and eco-friendly. When birds molt, they drop old feathers naturally in preparation for new feathers coming in for replacement. In other instances, feathers are obtained through farmers who raise free range birds these feathers are collected cleaned and packed for use. Every feather is selected and quality checked by us. Nothing in nature is ever identical, each feather is unique in its own way, and that is what makes each of our GeniusBowties special to you.

Taking care of your GeniusBowtie

– Always keep your GeniusBowtie in its box when you are not wearing it. Always make sure the feathers remain inside the box when closed. If after a party, you want to take it off and let loose, place gently in your Jacket pocket or best give it to your girlfirend for safe keeping.
– Your tie length is adjustable up to 44cm, make sure it’s relaxed and tight (don’t choke yourself) for the best look.

– Don’t play with the feathers too much, they are delicate. If you want to get a feel of the feathers just swipe from center outward like you do with your phone.

– Washing feathers is not ideal. The natural oils on the feathers are great for protecting them. It is possible that during the washing process your feathers can lose their shape or become overly fluffy.

– In teh case that you manage to spill something on your bowtie and you need to clean it, we recommend  you use a clean cloth drenched in  warm water using a little bit of detergent suitable for washing woollen clothing. Swipe gently with cloth from center outward. Once clean, dry gently with a hairdryer from a distance and set to ‘cool’.

– The feathers can last up to 100 years if you take good care of them, you can even wear it to your funeral.

If you have ever worn a bow tie, you know how hard it can be sometimes to find one that is unique. A simple black bow tie is no longer enough to make an impression. Even though a black bow tie is a classic, men want something unique, made with high quality materials, something that has a unique story. If you have a passion for fashion, colors and style, then you and our Genius Bow Ties are a match made in heaven.

... Genius Bow Ties are unique, handcrafted bow ties inspired by the many geniuses throughout time. Every one of our bow ties is named after a great man, ranging from great artists such as Vincent Van Gogh to incredible scientists like Stephen Hawking. Our bow ties are made with assorted natural feathers and are designed to change the traditional way we look at bow ties, just like these great men changed the way we perceived our world with their works.

Wouldn’t it feel nice to know that only a few people from all over the world have the same bow tie that you have and when you go to an event, you will be the only one with a special bow tie that will turn heads all across the room?

Our bow ties are individually hand-crafted with vibrant feathers, so you can rest assured you will be receiving something truly unique and chic. Just imagine yourself wearing one of our lovely bow ties to an event. Whether it is your wedding or a corporate event, why not wear a unique bow tie with a soul and story to make your event unforgettable?

If you are tired of the traditional black bow tie and want to spice things up for a change, you will find our variety of colorful and radiant Genius Bow Ties a sight for sore eyes.

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