Pin Details: Natural Almond Ringneck Pheasant, Natural Peacock Feathers and Black GooseFeather.

Packaging: Arrives in a hand-crafted beech tree (betula  pendula) wooden box. Outer packaging is natural craft paper with our logo seal. Includes an info booklet about your GeniusPin.


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Naturalist Charles Darwin, was born on February 12th, in 1809. In 1831, he embarked on a five-year survey voyage around the world on the HMS Beagle. His studies of specimens around the globe led him to formulate his theory of evolution and his views on the process of natural selection. Over the course of the trip, Darwin collected a variety of natural specimens, including birds, plants and fossils. Through hands-on research and experimentation, he had the unique opportunity to closely observe principles of botany, geology and zoology. In 1836, Darwin began to write up his findings. He developed a revolutionary theory about the origin of living beings that was contrary to the popular view of other naturalists at the time. Darwin’s exposure to specimens all over the globe raised important questions. Other naturalists believed that all species either came into being at the start of the world, or were created over the course of natural history. Darwin, however, noticed similarities among species all over the globe, along with variations based on specific locations, leading him to believe that they had gradually evolved from common ancestors. He came to believe that species survived through a process called “natural selection,” where species that successfully adapted to meet the changing requirements of their natural habitat thrived, while those that failed to evolve and reproduce died off. In 1859, he published these findings in his first book On the Origin of Species.


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