Feather bow ties are the ultimate fashion statement. They are the more fashionable and unique variant of the ever classy bow tie. They turn heads and steal looks when one enters the room. They are the accessory for men who want to stand out from the crowd.

1. They Are One Of A Kind

Feathers have been used in fashion for years with many different clothes and accessories. Their radiant colors and authentic patterns have been the main attractions of them and they truly deserve the attention. The feathers’ colors are one of the most colorful palettes of mother nature. As if the incredible colors weren’t enough, the patterns of the feathers are as beautiful and distinctive as a butterfly’s wings. On top of all that with our designs, they become even more special and delicate.

2. If You Want Attention, You Got It

In every event or location where bow ties aren’t specifically in the dress code, bow ties shine. It can be a wedding, ball, conference or anything such as these. How about taking it up a notch and wearing a bow tie that everybody will look at with envy? If it is a semi-formal event, your bow tie will pull the spotlights on you as you look dashing and one of a kind with your styleful feather bow tie. And if it is a casual setting, then you will most likely be one of the people -if not the most- with the boldest fashion statement. Go ahead and shine on.

3. Stylish And Old School

Bow tie is the epitome of style and class. Now with the fashion world swaying towards bow ties even more in the last few years, distinctive designs like feather bow ties are reaching for the crown. Feather bow ties carry the conventional bow tie’s class while improving on the style with the elegant and ever-stylish feather. When you need a fashionable alternative to the conventional, go with bow tie à la mode, feather bow ties.

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